Soaring to Victory

Who are we?

The SeeGoals project consists of a group of students that are aiming at winning the Small Size League at RoboCup. This means we’re building a team of cylindrical and autonomous football playing robots. What makes this such an interesting project is the many disciplines needed for us to succeed. We’re currently building the robots from scratch with the only guideline being the dimensions of the robot given by the competition administrators.


If you’re interested in the project you’re always welcome to visit us during any of our lab hours. It might be best to contact us first and let us know you’ll swing by since the door is locked to the lab. But if you knock hard enough we will notice and let you in! If you know you’d want to join us you can always fill out an application of interest and we will contact you when a recruitment period starts or a position opens up

There’s also our wiki which have more nitty gritty details about the project.

Our Teams

Software / AI

Our software / AI team works with the programming in the project. Here you might be working with everything from simulating a football game to developing an awesome user interface. We also spend a lot of time making our robot players as smart as possible using AI!


Our mechanics team works with everything related to the
physical aspects of the robot except the electronics. This includes
things such as making everything fit onto the robot and making sure the
kicker’s power doesn’t decimate it. They commonly deal with CAD, mechanical design, cost minimization, production planning and timing, technical drawings, 3D-printing custom components, and more!


Our firmware team works with connecting the software with the electronic parts of the actual robot. They are the middle man that makes all the different parts work together so that the software can decide how the robot moves. They also with with drivers, control regulators, motor control and communication between the different hardware modules. In conclusion there’s lots of programming close to the hardware.


Our electronics team works with everything related to electronics on the robots. This includes the power management board, motor drivers, kicker and dribbler controller boards and other nitty gritty stuff. All the boards are custom made PCBs.

Corporate Relations

Our corporate and public relations team is dedicated to nurturing existing relationships within the business world as well as forging new connections. As a member of the team, you will have the opportunity to interact with leading companies across a range of industries, thereby enriching your network and insights.

This role not only provides exposure to the sales process but also equips members with the skills to secure funding for the development, production, and procurement of components. Additionally, team members strategize and assist in implementing initiatives to enhance project visibility among students and hosting events for existing members.

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